Top 10 Reasons to Take Voice Lessons

There are many wonderful reasons to take voice lessons!  The benefits range from mental to physical to emotional to social.  Check out some of the top reasons to try studying singing.

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Cultivate your voice with a quality teacher.

Improve your voice

This goes without saying! Voice lessons are the best way to consistently improve your singing voice. It’s very hard to self-diagnose when it comes to the way your voice sou nds. Have you ever heard a recording of yourself speaking? Most people find that it sounds very different than they expect! This is one of the many reasons why your voice teacher is important. Your teacher is an outside perspective with a trained ear. He or she can help you to gain a better understanding of your vocal strengths and weaknesses, troubleshoot things you have difficulty with, gain better tone and breath support, among other things!

Gain self-awareness

Singers have to be extremely self-aware. That doesn’t mean self-conscious! It means that a singer must have a deep understanding of his or her body and how it works. Think about it – a singer’s instrument is their body. Singers need to make incredibly subtle adjustments to their bodies in order to make a different vocal sound. Talk about self-aware!

Gain self-confidence

Have you always wanted to sing but you’re too nervous or self-conscious? Working with a teacher will help you gain confidence in your voice and in your ability to sing in front of others. Singing for your teacher each week, learning new skills, and practicing them regularly will help you move past any shyness about your voice.

Learn a skill

Despite popular misconceptions, singing is a skill that can be learned. Even people who think they are tone deaf can learn to match pitch accurately. Good singing happens when someone has learned to master many smaller individual skills like proper breathing, correct onset, good resonance, etc. All those individual skills combined together create a good singing voice. No matter what level you are at, you can learn the skills you need to become a better singer.

Discover new music

There is a whole world of amazing, beautiful, inspiring music that your voice teacher can help you discover. Even if you think you only like one genre, you will be surprised to find out how much great music is out there for you to enjoy. Maybe you’ll be swept away by Ravel, or Sondheim, or Gordon. You won’t know until you try it!

Learn a new language

A lot of great vocal music is written in other languages. From children’s songs to classical art songs to folk songs to contemporary music, much of it may be written in Italian, French, German, Spanish, or even Russian, Japanese, or Czech! Singing this music will expose you to these incredible languages.

Prepare for a performance

There are few people who can help prepare you for a performance better than your voice teacher. Your teacher will make sure that you are comfortable with the song and help you work through any difficult sections. Your teacher will also help you with the presentation. How will you express what the words are saying? How will you connect with the audience? How should you introduce yourself, or bow at the end? These are all things that a teacher can help you work through.

Follow your passion

Everyone needs to do something that they are passionate about. If you love singing, a teacher can help you follow your passion by helping you get better at it, by giving you guidance on how to pursue it, and introducing you to new opportunities to sing that you may not have known about before. A teacher will also help you stay constant and accountable. Sometimes having a cheerleader and guide is what we
need to get to the next level!

Improve your life

It is scientifically proven that singing has health benefits, both physically and mentally. Singing reduces anxiety and stress, and it also promotes bonding when done with others. When we sing it releases endorphins in the body, which help us to feel happy. It improves mental alertness and memory. Good singing technique will help improve your posture and even give some of your muscles a decent workout. Singing gives us greater understanding for others and a greater appreciation of very skilled singers.

Have fun

It is so important to have fun in life! Even if you’re not singing professionally, singing can enrich your life in so many ways. Making music with other people can be one of the best experiences in our lives. Make memories and have fun – you will be glad you did!

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