• Health Tips for Singers and Performers

    health tips for singers and performers from perennial voice studio

    This time of year is audition season… and flu season.  It can be challenging to try to stay healthy during the long winter months and avoid getting sick.  However, there are things you can do to help your body fight a cold and keep your voice in good shape! I’ve tried my fair share of […]

  • Audition Tips for Singers

    blog post audition tips for singers from perennial voice studio

    Auditioning can sometimes feel overwhelming or even scary.  After many years of auditioning for musical theater, opera, and operetta, I’ve come up with a routine for myself that helps me get through the audition confidently.  Try some of these ideas to make your audition experience smoother! Before the day of the audition Be prepared vocally […]

  • Top 10 Reasons to Take Voice Lessons

    top 10 reasons to take voice or singing lessons from perennial voice studio

    There are many wonderful reasons to take voice lessons!  The benefits range from mental to physical to emotional to social.  Check out some of the top reasons to try studying singing. Cultivate your voice with a quality teacher. Improve your voice This goes without saying! Voice lessons are the best way to consistently improve your […]